Daddy Sumpreme and his Fat Kid

In recent times the entity launched a campaign ‘bruk out a brukness’ -with the eye catching jackpots which promises to give Jamaicans a chance ‘to step up inna life’.

But all I’ve seen is the exact opposite. Thousands gather at gaming outlets long before 10 o’clock daily, as they simply must ‘put in a number’ before the 10:30 draw. When this happens and many of them lose, they hurry about as they must complete the daily cycle , as they try to ‘bruk out a brukness!
As if its a meal plan: individuals are given the opportunity to play 10:30 am, 1 pm , 5 pm and 8:25pm. And like a fat kid, the Jamaica populace who gambles just keeps feeding. But brace yourself, this kid about to be extremely overweight or so you would think; as Daddy Supreme has squeezed in an earlier meal -8:30 am. One would expect that a kid eats 5 meals per day would be fat. But this child eats so much that it is currently suffering from malnutrition. The more it feeds the more hungry it gets.

But the supposedly qualified doctors- our politicians who should be the ones to put us a strict diet are the ones promoting the ‘unhealthy eating’ of the populace. Oh the irony in Jamaica!

A country with limited resource and with many of its people living below the poverty line are squandering the little they have. Why? Because everyone wants that chance to ‘bruk out a brukness’. But the exact opposite is happening! ‘The bruk’ is plunging further into ‘brukness’! It is time for the bruk to either refuse the ‘junk food’ and seek a meal elsewhere or simply stick to three meals a day. In the end the choice is yours.

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